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V3 Hand-held Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:Sonostar
Model Number:V3
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Hand-held and easy to use, 5.6" screen. Pseudo color display. Use Mechanical Sector probe.

Product Features:
-Large Screen with high resolution image, easy to detect at early stage.
-Gestation Calculation for different species
-Simple and easy-touch keyboard, comfortable to operate
-Measurement functions helps with backfat measurement
-Built-in Lithium battery, long lasting
-Large capacity SD card for memory
-Waterproof, easy to clean



-Screen: 5.6 inches
-Display mode: B
-Scan: Sector Scan
-Probe: 3.5MHz/7MHz optional
-Scan Depth:95-185mm
-Gain: 30dB-105dB
-Image Store: 8GB (SD Card)
-Gray Scale:256
-Battery last: 8 hours
-Size: 210mmX120mmX40mm
-Weight: 1.2kg with battery
-Probe Connector: 1


Standard Configuration:
-Main Host  1 Unit 
-3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Selectable  1 Pcs
-Internal Battery and charger 1 Set
-SD card

-Rectal probe
-Extra SD card




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