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Quality hotsell portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine

Brand Name:sonostar
Model Number:SAB-200
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Name:portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine
Other name:quality portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine
Monitor:15 inch color LED screen
Work time:4 hours
warrany time:1 and a half years
Standard configuration:A/B Scanner
Aplication:private clinic , hospital
Battery volume:NO

Quality hotsell portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine


Specifications of portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine:

SAB-200 A/B Scan with normal, vitreous body enhancement, retina observation mode, mainly used for diagnosis of intraocular diseases, display the location, shape range of the focus of infection and the relationship with the surrounding tissue. Can be diagnosed vitreous opacity, retinal detachment, eye base tumors etc. eye diseases. A scan is used to measure anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, axial length, calculate diopter of implant IOL as well.

Frequency: 10MHz/20MHz (optional) ,Magnetic driven, noiseless
Scanning Mode: Sector Scanning
Magnify:Multi continuous magnification,Real-Time magnification
Resolution: Lateral ≤0.3mm;Vertical≤0.2mm
Geometry position precision: Lateral ≤10%;Vertical≤5%
Enhance the part of vitreous body and retina
Gain of probe:30dB-105dB
Scanning Angle:53°
Gray Scale: 256
False Color: Multi colors. OCT
measurement type: multigroup distances, perimeters and areas
Image postprocessing: multiple curves processing, Pseudo-color processing curve
Movies: 100 images movie review, AVI JPG format image output

A scan:
Frequency:10MHz, with LED
Depth: 40mm
Precision:±0.05 mm
Measurement: Anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, total length and average
Eye mode: Phakic / Aphakic / Dense / Various IOL
Stat. Calculation: Average and standard deviation
Store: 10 Scanning results for each eye

Display Mode :B,B+B,B+A,A
Hint: preset keyword
Case Search:Multi-keywords
Working Platform: Windows XP,VISTA,WINDOWS7
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Picture of portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine:



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portable ophthalmic ultrasound machine

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