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Quality hot sale great fetal monitor

Type:Electronic Endoscope
Brand Name:sonostar
Model Number:SM-100
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Name:great fetal monitor
Other name:quality great fetal monitor
Weight:5.3kg(excluding accessories)
Dimension:36cm x23cm x12cm
Monitor:12.1 inch LCD
Work time:24-hours memory for fetal traces
warrany time:1 and a half years
Standard configuration:NO
Aplication:private clinic , hospital
Battery volume:2.0Ah 14.8V

Quality hot sale great fetal monitor



SM-100 high-tech fetal & fetal/maternal monitor, it offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal or fetal/maternal monitoring needs in doctors’ practices, clinics and hospitals, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.


Feature of great fetal monitor:
– Foldable 12.1 inch TFT LCD high-brightness screen with a wide viewing angle and large numerics
12 elements / 1 MHz water proof pulse Doppler transducer(option)for accurate detection
– Event marker for easy documentation of events and kick counts
– Fetal Movement Profile (FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements
– On-screen scrolling for viewing stored fetal traces
– Twin ultrasound monitoring capability
– Configurable audible and flashing fetal heart rate alarms
– Twin signal overlap alarm function
– Built-in high speed thermal printer, printing width can be set to 112mm,150mm and 210mm
– 24-hours memory for fetal traces
– Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station
– Internal Li-ion battery power or AC power from external power supply

Structure chart:
– TFT Color display
The monitor has an integrated, folded color TFT display, with a wide viewing angle, providing high resolution data presentation. Fetal and maternal measurements are displayed as large, easy-to-read numerics.
Information such as patient identification, date and time, alarm information, prompt and error message are also clearly shown.
– Transducers
It uses 12 elements / 1 MHz water proof pulse Doppler transducer designed for high acuity care settings. It is reliable, durable, water tight and easy to clean.
The Unicare MARS SERIES Fetal/Maternal monitor has an integrated, high resolution thermal printer, and the printing width can be set to 110mm, 150mm and 210mm.
Traces are recorded at either 1, 2, 3 cm/min can be selective.
The monitor prints the time, the date, trace identification symbols and paper speed when first switch on.
When an alarm limit is exceeded, it is signaled by the monitor in the following ways:
-An alarm tone sounds
-An alarm message is shown on the screen.
-The numeric of the alarming measurement flashes on the screen.
-Alarm Off/Pause Alarms function
Alarm latching / non-latching: Visual, Audible, Visual and audible
-Fetal Monitoring
MARS B SERIES Fetal Monitor offers non-invasive ultrasound, external TOCO facilities measurements and automatic fetal movement actogram
-Monitor Connectors and Interfaces
-VGA: connector of external display.
-Network: TCP/IP series port for easy connection to central monitoring station through modem or LAN cable.
-Power inlet for power supply.
-Transducer socket
SM-100 high-tech fetal & fetal/maternal monitor, it offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal or fetal/maternal monitoring needs in doctors’ practices, clinics and hospitals, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.


Feature I II III IV
Table legend: Standard Optional —Unavailable
Single FHR
Maternal Fetal Movement(MFM)
Auto Fetal Movement(AFM)
Fetal Movement Profile(FMP)
Signal Overlap Alarm
Maternal ECG(MECG)
Maternal NIBP(MNIBP)
Maternal SPO2(MSpO2)
Maternal Temperature(MTEMP)
Maternal Respiration(MRESP)
Maternal Heart Rate(MHR)
Lithium Battery
Network (TCP/IP)
Printer width 110 mm
150 mm
210 mm
Fetal Stimulator
Water proof transducer
Wall Mount


Specification of great fetal monitor:

Physical Specifications
Dimension and Weight Dimension 36cm (W)*23cm (D)*12cm (H)
Weight 5.3kg(excluding accessories)
Operation Environment Power requirements AC100-240V , 50/60Hz
Power 100VA
Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 0-93% non-condensing
Fetal/Maternal Performance Specifications
Performance Specifications Display 12.1 inch (1024×768 pixel) color TFT –LCD
Indicator Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Battery Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery,2.0Ah 14.8V
Alarm Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Memory 24-hours memory for fetal traces
Printer America standard/international standard  
Built-in thermal printer (110mm, 150mm, 210mm for option)
1/2/3cm/min real-time printing speed, fast print speed (stored traces)
Paper Z-fold, thermosensitive
Record Message ID, name, age, date, time, print speed etc
CMS Support connecting to central monitoring station through LAN (TCP/IP) or wireless connection
Fetal/Maternal Technical Specifications
Ultrasound (FHR) Measurement range US 30 to 240 bpm
Resolution Display 1bpm
Printer 1bpm
jitter@200 bpm ≤3bpm
Display update rate 0.25second
Beat to bea change(max.) for ultrasound 28bpm
US frequency 1MHz±5%Hz
TOCO Measurement method Strain gauge sensor element
Sensitivity  1 unit =2.5g
Resolution 1 unit
Measurement range 500 units
Baseline setting 0, 5,10, 15, 20 can be selective
Update rate 0.25 second
Auto offset correction 3 second after connecting the transducer
Auto zero adjust  TOCO value is set to zero negative
following a negative
Measure value for 5 seconds
Auto Fetal Movement (AFM) Technique Pulsed doppler ultrasound
Range    0-100%
Resolution 1%
Automatic fetal movement actograph
Manual fetal movement marker
Maternal NIBP(MNIBP) Operation mode Manual/automatic/ STAT
Measurement unit mmHg / kPa  selectable
Test interval 0-480 minutes
Accuracy Max.Std.deviation:8 mmHg(1.1kPa)
Max. mean Error: ±5mmHg(±0.7kPa)
Measurement range Systolic 30 to 270 mmHg(4 to 36 kPa)
Diastolic 10 to 245 mmHg(1.5 to 32kPa)
Mean 20 to 255 mmHg(2.5 to 34kPa)
Pulse rate range 20~250bpm
Over-pressure protection Yes
Maternal ECG (MECG) Heart rate range 0~300bpm
Resolution 1bpm
Accuracy ±1bpm/ ±1%
Leads I, II, III, avL, avR, avF, V
Sweep speed 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Gain selection x 0.25, x0.5 ,x1, x2
Operation mode diagnostic, monitor, surgery
Maternal SpO2 (MSpO2) Measurement range 0%-100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ±2%
Pulse rate range accuracy ±3bpm
Maternal Temperature (MTEMP) Technique Thermistor probe CYSI 400 series
Measurement range 0℃-50℃
Accuracy ±0.1℃


Picture of great fetal monitor:








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